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What is a betting calculator

A betting calculator in its most basic form calculates the money returned to a punter from a simple single bet. More advanced ones will also add options to select multiple different multiples, like lucky 15, Heinz and goliaths. And the best bet calculators will have each way, rule 4 and dead heat options, that’s what we offer here.

What our calculators offers

It offers you the ability to calculate all the popular bookie acculators. It can be used as simply as entering the odds and pressing the calculate button. But if needed it can be used for the most complicated of calculations.

If you want to add rule 4 calculations just select the correct deduction from the betting calculators drop down box. If you want to add place position calculations just select the correct place division from the betting calculators drop down box and same for dead heat calculations, select the correct number of dead heat competitors from the bet calculator drop down box.

What our odds converter does

A calculator that converts odds from any of the major odds formats. Ours allows you to convert odds from decimal, fractional and American odds. This is used to help when using a bookie that doesn’t offer the odds format you are most comfortable using.

What is a stake calculator

A calculator that works out the amount of money a punter should bet on a selection or group of selections. This could be for any type of wager, such as a Football accumulator or a horse racing lucky 15. There are several different types of bet stake betting calculators and here we offer a Dutching, back/lay and a Kelly staking plan calculator.

Betting Calculators

Bet types

Sports betting calculator is a site dedicated to offering all the best betting calculators. A bet type calculator with all the popular bookmakers bet types supported. A odds converter calculator , that allows you to convert odds into a range of the world’s most used formats, decimal, fractions, American, etc. A Dutching calculator to help you stake your bets evenly when betting on multiple selections in the same event. And a back / lay calculator for all you betting exchange punters.

As stated our bet type calculator offers you all the bet types you’ll find at the major bookies, accumulators, Lucky 15, 31, 63, Round robin, Heinz and Yankees to name a few. But on top of this it offers advanced feature such as each-way betting, Rule 4 for races with non runners and dead heat calculations. And just to cover all the bases, it allows you to calculate a 99 selections accumulator.

Around the world bookmakers use several different formats when displaying their odds. The biggest bookies will give you the option to display their prices in a number of these formats, but this isn’t the case with all bookies. So to save you the time of learning the maths associated with working out all these odds type, have a look at our odds converter calculator.

Staking calculators are for those that gamble more frequently. We have a Back/Lay, Dutching, and a Kelly staking system calculator. These allow you to calculate the exact amount to bet on your chosen selection(s).

Back/Lay is used predominantly by users of betting exchanges. The purpose of the calculator is to work out the correct amount to Back a selection and then Lay it to guarantee a profit.

Dutching in gambling is a method used to back several selections in a sporting event by mathematically calculating the correct stake to bet so that if one of the chosen selections wins the money returned will be the same.

Kelly betting stake system was developed in 1956 by John Kelly. The system is designed to calculate the maximum growth of your betting bank roll over the long term by deriving the optimal stake on each bet.